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Our goal behind events is to engage the community through skateboarding and creativity, celebrate our skateboarding culture, give our community something to look forward to, and bring awareness to the thriving skateboarding community in Omaha. 


Held at James F. Lynch Park, our mission with this event was to encompass everything SkateFest Omaha is about, shed light on omaha skateboarding and creative culture, and provide something special for kids coming from the inner city skateboarding scene.

Our mission with this event was to bring out Omaha's talent and celebrate our skateboarding culture in Omaha.

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With the Art Show, our goal was to host an event centered around creativity and skateboarding. With this event, we gave 10 artists skateboards to be painted and auctioned off in support of SkateFest Omaha.

With this event, we intended to bring skateboarders back to where the core of skateboarding started, the streets. We selected 5 street skateboarding spots around South Omaha and hosted a day where we skateboarded street, had fun, and cleaned up each spot as we skateboarded.