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Happening three times a year at skateparks across Omaha, our events an inclusive mix of skateboarding, art, music, and community. Featuring skate competitions, live music, live interactive art, youth workshops, local vendors, local food, and more... our events actively engage, connect, and inspire the Omaha community through skateboarding and creativity. We are dedicated to creating diverse, secure, and inclusive environments that foster connections among skateboarders, artists, youth, and individuals from all walks of life.

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Since our start in June 2021, we have successfully organized 20 events centered around skateboarding and creativity ranging from competitions and art shows to grill-outs and soirees. Through our hosted events, we are proud to have served over 6,000 community members, provided over 150 opportunities for artists and vendors, showcased the talents of more than 130 musicians, and received over 650 competition sign-ups. We are excited to continue the growth as we look forward to 2024!

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Seymour Smith - April 28th

Roberts Skatepark - July 14th

Broadway Skatepark - September 8th

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