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Our goal with programming is to introduce skateboarding culture to youth in a creative, fun, and engaging way. We create lifelong bonds through the love of skateboarding, creativity, and art.

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Sk8 Skool is a program for ALL ages where we introduce skateboarding in a fun, positive, and engaging way. Punch cards with different tricks and progression levels are provided as skills advance. Classes are held at Roberts Skatepark every Saturday from April 23rd - September 24th from 9 am - 11 am. 



The Culxr House's mission of bridging social and economic gaps through the cultivation of talent and artistry within the inner city is perfectly aligned with our values of creativity and putting the urban community first. We are grateful and excited to partner with such an amazing organization, more information coming soon.



Kaneko's mission of supporting and promoting freedom in creativity is in alignment with the natural creative side of skateboarding culture. We are to be a partner of serving the community with this organization, more information coming soon.