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1. TABLES, CHAIRS, & TENTS: Vendors will be given a 10x10 area to vend. All set up, display materials, or wares must remain in this area. Vendors are responsible for ensuring table(s), chair(s), and tent(s) are properly secured. Bring sandbags, heavy duty stakes and shims to stabilize your tent, as the grounds can be uneven and weather is unpredictable.


If vendors do not have tables and chairs, they can be rented from SkateFest Omaha for a $25 fee.


2. Food or beverage sales from vendors who do not have a food permit are NOT allowed.


3. A hired security staff or police officers will be on the premises of the event during the entire day.


4. We are not responsible for theft or any damage of any kind.


5. All vendors are responsible for their own liability insurance. SkateFest Omaha is not liable for any injury in your assigned area, or resulting from your goods and services.


6. Vendors must pick up any garbage around your lot before leaving the event. Please leave the spot as you found it. And take your garbage with you. This means anything that will not fit in our provided trash can/bags. Do not leave any boxes, tent materials or merchandise behind. SkateFest Omaha is not and will not be responsible for your garbage (large or small), and you are subject to a fine if you leave any trash behind.


7. LOADING/UNLOADING: Loading and unloading will happen during the designated time given by a SkateFest Omaha Staff Member. When unloading, please unload your truck/trailer in a timely manner and move your vehicle as soon as you’ve unloaded.


8. SkateFest Omaha has the right to refuse any merchandise we see unfit for any reason.


9. SkateFest Omaha is pet and kid friendly.


10. Vendors are responsible for collection of their own sales tax. SkateFest Omaha is not responsible.


11. Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be issued for any reason.



You agree to indemnify, protect, defend, and hold harmless, the sponsors, proprietors, of the location and all of it’s associates for any personal injury, loss, or damages of any nature suffered by any persons, vendors, and especially attendees while within the vendors space or caused by the vendor.


Agrees to hold harmless the sponsors, proprietors of the location, and it’s associates for any merchandise lost, stolen or broken.


Agrees that should an accident occur within the vendors space, caused by the vendors displays, products, or unsafe conditions, the vendor will be held liable.


SkateFest Omaha is not not responsible for any broken or damaged merchandise that is hauled away.

By agreeing to this document you are in agreement that once you start hauling merchandise bought by the customer from you (the vendor), that SkateFest Omaha will not pay or be liable for anything that is broken or damaged. You (the vendor) will be responsible for compensation of the broken or damaged goods to the customer.


Agrees with all of the rules and regulations in this contract.

SkateFest Omaha reserves the right to apply new rules and regulations for the safety and quality of the show.

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