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Caden's Corner is a resident-led and community-driven pocket park featuring a ramp, garden, mural, and picnic tables. This park was designed and built by the community for free public use.

Location: 3703 Florence Blvd

Times of use: Dawn to Dusk

Pricing: FREE

Sk8 Skool held every Saturday from 9-11am.

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In the summer of 2023, we got the opportunity to collaborate with local resident group, PlaceMade, in creating a ramp and garden at the intersection of Florence Blvd and Pratt Street, adjacent to King Science Middle School and Kountze Park.


The ramp's mural was brought to life by The Union for Contemporary Art's Action Brigade Youth, with local artist Oria Simonini guiding and overseeing the artistic process.

The ramp was designed and constructed by Forgamere, a local design and building company, in conjunction with Wurst Skateboards, a local skateboarding company.


Furthermore, we sought the expertise of local urban farming groups, Manifest Acres and Healing Roots African Diaspora Garden, to assist in plant selection and lead the charge during our volunteer planting day.


As the ramp neared its completion, a local mother who lost her 14-year-old son in a recent car accident reached out with a desire to both give back to the community and honor her son's memory. The young boy, Caden, had a love for skateboarding. Recognizing Caden's passion, we collectively decided to name the park in his honor, creating a tribute that will carry forward his legacy and love for skateboarding.


Caden’s mother also decided to hold a fundraiser to provide skateboards and helmets to the neighborhood youth in Caden’s honor. Through fundraising, Caden's mother secured the necessary resources for 40 skateboards and 40 helmets for the neighborhood's youth.


Presently, the ramp is open from dawn to dusk for the community to freely use. We host Sk8 Skool sessions at this location every Saturday morning from 9 to 11 a.m. for neighborhood youth and others wanting to learn how to skateboard.

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North Omaha Trail

Cpl. Daegan Page Foundation

Omaha Community Foundation

Home Depot Foundation

Adam Nutt

Aaron Noddle

Alajia McKizia

Alex Christensen

Alex Riley

Alexis Maine

Alma Ramirez Rodgers

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Norman

Angelica Perez

Angie Seykora

Ananda Caillau

Ashley Easter

Bob Baker

Brianna Full

Cale Miller

Catherine Bosley

Ceci Saldana

Coleman Westerby

Courtney Kilroy

Dominique Edwards

Elizabeth Drickey

Elizabeth Gau
Emma Skow
Haley Weber
Howard Thiel
Isabel Kinnan
Jacquline Smith
Jamie Sass
Jason Gerber
Jason Stacy
Jessica Warren-Steamer
Jessie Lawrence Strazdas
Jenn Bernard
Jeremy Reep
Jasmine Mausbach
Jan Tredway
Jason Stacy
Kaitlyn Benscoter
Katharen Wiese
Kayla Meyer
Kevin Kabore
Lauren Mankin
Leah Whitney Chavez
Lori Behnken
Lori Laster
Lisa Bockman

​Mark Mora
Machaela Mapes
Matthew Scheffler
McKenzie Phelps
Michael Baum
Michael Minikler
Michael Rassmussen
Michael Vaughn
Michaela Daugherty
Michaela Kanoski
Misha Frazier
Nate Meier
Nathan Lachner
Nico Lindell
Nolan Tredway
Noni Williams
Odessa Downs
Paige Reitz
Rosemary Keenan
S DeLaCruz
Thalia Rodgers
Teresa Franks
Zedeka Poindexter

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