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📢 PlaceMade and ourselves are happy to announce that the North Omaha Ramp Project has been...



Thanks to YOU!

Thank you to all the incredible individuals who took part in the fundraiser and generously donated to bring this project to life. We are excited for all of the positive impact that this ramp will bring. We have an array of community engagement workshops, events, programming, and much more in store for this project. Stay tuned for updates!

Construction will start soon 🧱

Special thanks to:
The North Omaha Trail

Cpl. Daegan Page Foundation

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We’ve been working closely with @residentsofplacemade (via @jewel.rodgers ) to create a mini ramp in North Omaha on the corner of Florence Blvd & Pratt St. (next to Kountze Park & King Science Middle School). The ramp will be free for public use & will include a community garden.


We’ll be partnering with @theunionomaha , @oriasimonini (@ori_flows) & local youth to create a mural for the ramp. The ramp will be built by @thewurstsk8boards , @sanders.golgert & anyone else who has experience & would like to get involved.


As an organization we believe more skateboarding needs to be introduced into North Omaha & we are hoping this project will act as a catalyst towards pushing that effort forward.


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